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          Parent Teacher Association

          Welcome to the BCCS Parent Teacher Association

          As parents, guardians or carers of pupils attending the school, we are all members of the association, along with all teaching and non-teaching staff, so welcome to the PTA!

          Please join us in supporting the education of your children at BCCS by coming along and getting involved in our activities.

          We raise funds to provide facilities and equipment for the school by running the bar at school concerts and sports events, which you can see in the schools calendar on the website. We also run a Christmas raffle every year with brilliant prizes.

          We have an elected committee of members, and an incredibly valuable group of ad hoc helpers, who assist at our fundraising events. This role suits parents, guardians and carers who would like to help on an ad hoc basis but arent involved in the committee side of the PTA.

          We hold three committee meetings each the school year, dates below, as well as our AGM in June, where everyone in the PTA is invited and new members are welcome to join the committee.

          Supporting the PTA is a great way of meeting other parents, guardians and carers and developing relationships with the teachers and staff at BCCS. Wed love to meet anyone who would like to join us as helpers, and we welcome all your ideas and suggestions for fundraising events.

          Please email us at pta@bristolcathedral.org.uk to get involved.


          Committee Members 2020-2021

          Paul Atkins - Head of School

          Helen Armstrong - Chair

          Jihane Charfi - Chair

          Katie Lai - Treasurer

          Alix Sherman - Treasurer

          Lucy Cripps - Secretary

          Hannah Hickman - Secretary

          Petre Grove - Member

          Jane Khawaja - Member

          Angharad Allsop - Member


          Committee Meetings 2020 - 2021

          Michaelmas Term: Tuesday 22nd September 2020 TBC

          Lent Term: Tuesday 12th January 2021 TBC

          Trinity Term: Tuesday 27th April 2021 TBC


          Annual General Meeting: Tuesday 8th June 2021 TBC

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