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          忠告, 指导 and Global Issues

          Almost as soon as students arrive in year 12 we start exploring what they might choose to do once they have finished here. Alongside the academic curriculum, students attend fortnightly 忠告 and 指导 sessions, covering a range of topics (see below). Tutors offer academic tutorials to all students, discussing aspirations and future plans, helping them to discover what they might do next. 职业生涯 interviews can also be arranged for those who need it.

          Applications to University (through UCAS) happen early in year 13, and students are comprehensively supported in making choices and writing personal statements. 

          Alongside this students also attend a vareity of sessions seeking to address Global Issues in our world today.

          The programme is split in to three sections.

          Below this are links to various websites and organisations that we work with.

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